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If you have prescriptions with our pharmacy, take a few minutes and register online so that you have access to your prescriptions online. register »

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Once registered and authenticated your account, you can review your prescriptions, drug information and can see all the information pertaining to your prescribing doctor.

Easy Refilling


After reviewing your prescriptions, you can mark prescriptions to send a refill request online. Securely refill prescriptions online. It can't get any easier.

Ask us about our MedHere Today program--we can coordinate your Rx refills


These are some things that you can do to make your visit to the pharmacy better for you. 

  • Order refills by phone or website a day ahead your planned pickup.
  • Have each prescription number or drug name when you order.
  • Look ahead and order refills for all medications that run out in the next week.
  • Tell us when you will be picking up your medication.
  • Check the prescription label for refills remaining and expiration date.  Allow 24 to 48 hours for us to contact the prescriber when there are no refills or the expiration date is past.
  • Use your medication as instructed on the prescription label.  If your therapy changes, get a new prescription before your next refill.
  • Follow your insurance company guidelines for proper refill intervals. Requests for early refills may not be covered.
  • Don’t let others use your medication.  Store your medication safely.
  • Take all prescription bottles to each doctor's visit and ask them to issue new orders for expiring prescriptions.
  • Bring us new prescriptions when they are written.  We keep them in your file to use when your current prescription expires.
  • Talk with our pharmacists about problems you are having with your medications or questions you have regarding their use.
  • Ask our staff about programs to save you time and money!

Refill your prescriptions on the go.

We also support RefillRx Mobile to provide you with a one tap solution for refilling your prescriptions. Simply enter the Rx number for your prescription and search for our pharmacy by entering (616) 396-5233.

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